Happy New Year … and a happy new year it truly is now that the 2019 LED lighting rebates are active and available for your company to take advantage of for many years to come.

The economical value of upgrading to LED lighting in work, manufacturing, and educational environments is a win-win for each organization and for our environment. Our clients typically save 50-80% on their lighting expense when upgrading to LED lights and reduce their carbon footprint the same amount. Overall, rebates are at an all-time high in Northern Colorado and we specialize in maximizing rebate programs to help reduce or eliminate the cost of your upgrade.

Your LED upgrade will reduce your operational costs and increase the value of your facility. In addition, you will have vastly improved levels of color and light in offices, classrooms, and production areas resulting in improved performance, increased productivity, while enjoying reduced eyestrain and fewer headaches.

Color Quality & Improved Performance

LED Lighting provides a smooth curve across the full spectrum of light resulting in a more vivid recognition of color effortless visual acuity. In addition, fully directional LED tubes provide more illumination on working surfaces when compared to gas filled fluorescent tubes. The correlated color temperature, color rendering, and luminous efficacy of LED lights combine to improve visibility to create a better working and learning environment. Vision is a contributing factor to an individual’s performance.

Cognitive Improvements and Increased Productivity

A healthy sleep/wake cycle is crucial to mental cognition. Our bodies’ roughly 24-hour cycle is governed by hormonal responses that are triggered by full-spectrum light – light provided by sunlight and LED, but not fluorescent. When the light needed to trigger circadian responses is provided, alertness, attention and participation increase among students, as shown by a Case Western Reserve University study. Similarly, the US Army conducted a study with Tufts University showing that LED lighting resulted in increased productivity over fluorescent lighting.

Reduced Headaches and Eyestrain

Flickering fluorescent lights is a common challenge and has been demonstrated to cause headaches and eyestrain. The sensitivity to flicker in this range and above is a spectrum, and the effects on the population are not quantified. However, studies have shown that performance on tasks decreases with long exposure to frequencies in this range. Persons on the autism spectrum are typically hypersensitive to visual stimuli and are especially susceptible to encountering issues with flicker in lighting.

See the savings for your facility

We can provide a no cost / no obligation savings analysis for your facility. We’ll meet with you and review your current lighting, assess the LED upgrades and rebates available, and provide a complete savings analysis. LED is the lighting of the future … and the future is now!

Contact me to schedule an appointment and we’ll help you take advantage of the new 2019 rebates!